Vega Test is a non-invasive test which traces the reason for illnesses by finding energetic regulatory imbalances in the body. Such imbalances can manifest as exhaustion, reduced immunity, poor digestion, hormonal imbalances, headaches, mood disturbances, poor concentration and insomnia. Vega Test is helpful in testing food sensitivities, mineral and vitamin deficiencies, organ functions and hormone and enzyme deficiencies.   

Cellular Health Analysis is a computerised body composition test. It uses the electrical resistance of the body to determine fat mass, muscle mass, cellular toxicity, fluid retention and cellular vitality.  Cellular Health Analysis assists with safe weight loss programs by monitoring the above parameters over a period of time. Loss of muscle mass is associated with ageing, reduced quality of life, poor immune response, osteoporosis and impaired healing. Maintaining muscle mass through regular exercise and proper diet, and monitoring muscle loss helps to prevent ageing.

Realms BiologicalTheory Of Ionization (RBTI) Urine and Saliva Test analyses the pH of urine, the pH of saliva, carbohydrates in urine, salts and toxins in urine and the amount of poorly processed protein excreted through the kidneys.  Maintaining these factors within ideal parameters can prevent many illnesses and sustain optimal health. Deviations from the ideal parameters over a period of time may lead to ongoing health problems.

Oligoscan measures minerals and trace elements in body tissue. It can also detect toxic heavy metals and indicate a person's ability to adequately expel them. Further, Oligoscan can identify oxidative stress, a major contributor to ageing and degenerative processes, and can measure oxidative protection. The test is quick, painless and provides immediate results. The test is blood type specific, so please find out your blood type before we run the test.