Natalie Kositski
graduated with a medical science degree from Moscow University in 1986. In 1992 she immigrated to Australia and pursued studies in complementary therapies, completing a Diploma of Homeopathy in 1995 and a Diploma of Western Herbal Medicine and Ayurvedic Herbology in 2002.

She then started her practice as a Homeopath and a Medical Herbalist at Emerald Medical Centre. During this time she went on to complete a degree in Naturopathy from the Southern School of Naturopathy, specialising in nutrition, and graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science Naturopathy in 2007.

In 2008 Natalie completed a Certificate in Natural Fertility. She can introduce you to the Billings Ovulation Method to achieve or avoid pregnancy.

In 2009 Natalie was accepted to do an internship at Paracelsus clinic in Switzerland, learning to utilise exclusively natural methods of diagnoses and treatment.

In 2011 she took part in a Hands on Health Australia initiative, treating underprivileged locals in villages across Rajasthan, India. During this trip Natalie visited numerous Ayurvedic hospitals, observing ‘panchakarma’ and other Ayurvedic treatments.

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Natalie has a particular interest in functional diagnosis and utilises Vega technology, a non-invasive test that identifies the reason for illness by uncovering the energetic regulatory imbalances in the body. In 2008 she obtained a certificate as a trainer in Vega Testing from the Vega academy in Essen, Germany and subsequently taught this method to many practitioners across Australia.

She uses Cellular Health Analysis, a computerised body composition test that measures the electrical resistance of the body to determine muscle mass, fat mass, toxicity, fluid retention and cellular vitality. This test can be used to assist safe weight loss, detoxification and for anti-ageing programs.

She also utilises another test called the Realms Biological Theory of Ionisation (RBTI), a urine and saliva test, to analyse metabolism and digestion.

Natalie practices what she preaches and in her spare time enjoys running, yoga and walks on the beach.